Let The Adventure Begin...

A bottle of wine can be a fabulous story ~ 
a narrative that draws you in and has a breathtaking finish.

From spring to harvest, and then to the cellar, we produce a wine that brings a smile to the palate as well as the mind.

Wines That Wait For You

Chateau Beauportail wines can be aged for decades (20 plus years).

Everything we do is a pursuit to bring you the best that our vineyard in Pécharmant has to offer.

Our team dedicates its efforts to respect old world wine making traditions with the technology that favours great wine production.

Wines For A Better Planet

We are guided by a vision to respect our heritage and farm, for our future, as well as yours. We choose only the most sustainable options for growing our grapes and producing our wines, which includes the most farming practices with a focus on minimal intervention in the vineyard.

We do not use any inorganic chemicals in our winemaking, so you can enjoy the taste without manipulation and as a true expression of our terroir and hard work.